”Many things we need can wait. But the child cannot.  Now is the time his bones are being formed, his blood is being made and his senses are being developed.  To him, we cannot answer tomorrow.

Children are endowed with a keen sense of perception to observe everything around them in the contemporary, dynamic society.  Vaidic Academy Secondary School is the ground that sows the seeds of rationalization and maturity.  It is an institution where the expectations and dreams of students are fulfilled, where the creative minds meet professional faculty, where learning is a life-time experience. In short where buds blossom into flowers. The pristine clean building houses large well lighted & ventilated classrooms with the latest equipment, well furnished library with more than 1500 books, computer Lab, one audio - visual rooms with one multimedia projector room. Apart from the academics, sports and co-curricular activities, due emphasis is laid on character building, personality and value education.  It has a universal approach towards all religions. The love for mankind, humanity, feelings of universal brotherhood and other moral values are an integral part of the education.

Our Main Features:

Well qualified, trained and dedicated teachers. Air cooled class rooms with proper seating arrangements. Well equipped science and computer labs. Purified drinking water.

Hobby Centre:

Clay modeling, batik printing, flower making, sketching, oil painting, gardening etc. will be actively encouraged and qualified professionals are made available on part time basis to guide the students in exploring their interests.

Dance and Music Room:

To keep the students close to Indian Culture and tradition, students will be given the choice to join classical music or dance classes conducted by professional gurus or teachers.

Computer Lab:

Information Technology has been given an equal importance in the school- Curriculum. In this regard, the school provides a well-furnished computer lab. All systems are Latest and upgraded with new technology, connected on LAN with a centralized server. Systems are also capable for multimedia uses. Users can share the resources and peripheral from any of the systems.



Well equipped library with all types of reference books encyclopedias, story books, fiction books and many more books are made available. The students have library period in their Daily Time-Table.

Cultural Hall :

Spacious cultural hall named as VAIDIC ACADEMY Hall is used for all the extracurricular activities, competitions, dramatics etc.

  1. O. Water :
  2. O. Water for drinking purpose is provided in all the buildings

Transportation :

V.A.S. has their own school conveyance which run in and around all Bhilwara. This facility is provided to all the Day Boarders who wish to use the transportation. Well trained drivers and attenders look after the safety of our students.

Medical Checkups :-

The doctor is available at beck and call. The students are given immediate attention on emergencies and whenever necessary. Regular Medical and Dental check-ups are done in every term for which proper Record is maintained.